Easter Services

Holy Week and Easter - a little different this year

With restrictions still in place our Holy Week and Easter services will be going ahead but will be a little different this year. And, of course, the singing of hymns still isn't allowed.

Palm Sunday (28 March)

10am Parish Mass

Normally we would begin with the traditional Palm Sunday procession with our palm crosses. The procession isn't possible this year, but we will still be distributing palm cross, and hear the traditional Palm Gospel at the begiining of the service, followed later by the  reading of the passion narrative from St Mark's gospel before joining in communion.

Maundy Thursday (01 April)

8pm The Maundy Thursday Liturgy

This service traditionally includes the washing of the feet, but that is not allowed this year. We share communion and then we process with the blessed sacrament to the altar of repose. This represents the journey of Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane. The church is then stripped bare of all decoration, though this year we will strip the altars only, and cannot ask members of the congregation to help. The service is then followed by the vigil before the blessed sacrament at the altar of repose until midnight..

Good Friday (02 April)

2pm The Good Friday Liturgy

We spend the final hour with Jesus as he dies on the cross. The service includes the veneration of the cross and communion. 

Easter Day (04 April)

10am First Mass of Parish Mass

It's not possible to hold both the Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter in the early morning and then the Parish Mass. Neither can we have the usual Easter breakfast between the services.

This year we can only hold one service, so our Easter Day service will be at 10am, but will be a little different and include some parts sof the First Mass of Easter. We will begin the service by lighting the Easter Fire at the back of church from which we light the new Paschal Candle. This is then processed to the front of church where it will be blessed, and then the Deacon will sing the ancient Easter Hymn known as the Exsultet. Then we bless the Easter Garden, join in communion, and conclude with the distribution of Easter eggs to the children.