Update on Covid restrictions

First published on: 24th July 2021

Following the lifting of many restrictions on Monday 19th July, here's what's different in church.

1. Social distancing has been lifted. We have therefore removed the floor arrows and seat stickers in much of the church. However, there are still two areas in the church with restrictions in place for those who still feel more comfortable when distanced.

2. It's no longer a requriement to check-in, but your are encouraged to do so. The QR codes for the NHS app are still displayed, or you can sign in.

3. You still need to sanisie on arriving and leaving. 

4. Masks are no longer a legal requirement. However, we encourage you to use them when arriving and leaving. The government are still asking people in enclosed spaces to wear masks, so we are following the government's guidlines and asking people to do so as much as possible. You should always wear a mask if in proxomoty with others not from your houshold. In particular, you still do need to wear a mask when coming forward to receive communion. Usual exemptions for health reasons still do, of course, remain.

5. Singing is now allowed, but the C of E are currently recommending that people mask to sing when near others.

6. Communion will still be in one kind, that is just the host and not the precious blood.